metro detroit water damage restoration

Metro Detroit Water Damage Restoration

We offer professional restoration services for water/flood damage emergencies. Serving Michigan since 1979 and local offices in Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair and Wayne County Michigan allow us to be at your home or business within minutes of your call to our dispatch center. Commercial cleanup for multi-story flood disasters, drying out crawl spaces, basement flood disasters and broken pipe flood damage are just a few of the causes of water damage problems. Our team has been trained and certified through the IICRC and Jarvis is licensed and bonded Michigan contractor.

Hire a Professional Flood Cleanup Service
When your home is swamped by floodwaters, you need to perform a number of flood cleanup tasks quickly and simultaneously to prevent any additional water damage to your home and its contents. Hiring a professional flood cleanup service to send a team of experienced contractors with needed equipment can only be your best bet to deal with situation effectively. Following information can be helpful in understanding why you should hire a profession flood cleanup service.

Team Advantage

A reputable flood cleanup service employs many contractors and water damage specialists who can start work on the affected areas of your home instantaneously. This is very advantageous for homeowners as the most crucial factor when it comes to water damage restoration is how quickly the work begins on the inundated areas. Secondary water damage from flooding includes breeding of harmful pathogens and mold growth, and tackling the problem as soon as possible is imperative. Certified flood cleanup professionals use special methods to address water damage and its potential dangers, such as pumping out standing water, drying the wet areas completely, and removing non-salvageable materials.

Specialized Equipment

The equipment that a professional flood cleanup service uses can speed up the process of water extraction and drying. Truck mounted water pumps can safely remove large amounts of contaminated floodwater in a shorter period of time. Industrial-strength dehumidifiers can extract over 50 gallons of water in a day from surrounding environment. Heavy-duty air moving machines can circulate 100 cubic feet or more of air every minute, encouraging evaporation and stabilizing humidity levels within your home. Additionally, wet-dry vacuums can be used to extract water from wet surfaces.

Professionals can manage a variety of water damage restoration tasks quickly and properly. You should always hire a professional flood cleanup service for any type of water damage that occurs in your home.